4 Best Review Lucky Halloween Slot, Is it Exciting?

Game studio Red Tiger is now trying it with Lucky Halloween slot, a Halloween-themed game with the Pumpkin Biker (the pumpkin motorcyclist) as the protagonist. Say a Hells Angel but with a pumpkin as head. Yes, they are creative at Red Tiger!.

Nowadays, every holiday has its own online slot machine. Christmas, Easter, Animal Day. Only Sinterklaas does not dare the slot machine manufacturers – quite understandably – yet.

Review Lucky Halloween Slot

In this review, you will find some useful explanations. This is based on our experiences. 

1. How Does Lucky Halloween Work?

That slot has 5 reels and 20 paylines. The minimum bet is $0.10 per spin. The reels include a black cat, a bat cupcake and a witch’s hat, supplemented with A, K, Q, J and 10.

However, the main role in Lucky Halloween is reserved for the Pumpkin Biker. He regularly comes, completely randomly, at the beginning of a spin on his motorcycle to hand out a feature.

2. The Features in The Game

In addition, the pumpkin brozem has four different features on offer:

  • Pumpkin Tree: You get a multiplier of up to x20. Any profit is multiplied by that multiplier.
  • Special Reels: During the spin there are only high symbols on the reels, so no A, K, Q, J or 10.
  • Random Wilds: The Pumpkin Biker sprinkles a number of Wilds on the reels.
  • Mega Wild: Sometimes the Pumpkin Biker comes crashing and bumping into the image with a Mega Wild behind his motorcycle. The Mega Wild is 3×3 in size and covers the three middle reels in their entirety. Cash register!.

3. Two More Bonus Round

Then Lucky Halloween has two more bonus rounds:

Free Spins

If you spin the Free Spins symbol three times, you win a number of free spins. How much exactly is a surprise. During the bonus round you can again spin three Free Spins symbols. You will then receive a number of free spins.

Full Moon Bonus

If you turn the Full Moon Bonus symbol three times, the lock turns into a haunted castle. 

You start at the bottom of the castle and you walk up. On the left you see six pumpkins. You click on a pumpkin and you see how many steps you are going to take up.

With every step you take, there is always a higher price. You click on the pumpkins each time to put passes up. 

This bonus round is over when you find a pumpkin with ‘collect’ on it. With the Full Moon Bonus you win at least 3x your bet up to a maximum of 800x your bet.

4. The 1000 Spins on Lucky Halloween

We played 1000 spins on Lucky Halloween with the minimum bet of 10 cents per spin.

Only after about fifty spin does the Pumpkin Biker come along once. He brings the Pumpkin Tree: a multiplier of X5, good for a price of $1. That is the only time that we get this feature.

In addition, the Random Wilds come five times and yield an average of only $0.89. Even more sparse. The Special Reels, with only high symbols: three times. Profit: $1,55, $2,40 and $4,45. That’s already better.

Only after more than 500 spins does the moped of the Pumpkin Biker come into view for the first time, hurling and bumping with a Mega Wild behind it. 

Unfortunately, there are just no tasty symbols on reel 1 and 5, so the counter remains stuck at $ 4.68. Not bad!.

The Free Spins are even more lucrative. We get them three times and win an average of $ 7.08, with $ 11.61 as the outlier.

Moreover, then the brilliant Full Moon Bonus. Very nice to play – and this feature is also very nicely made, just like the entire slot machine, or did we say that?! This bonus is very exciting, especially with the maximum prize of 800x the bet in mind. In this case: $160.

Unfortunately, we did not win. Once the climb in the castle stops at $6,- and the other time at $1,60 and the 1000 spins are over. We lost $14,60.

In conclusion, we did not win any super spectacular prizes on the Lucky Halloween slot and at the end of the test session there was a reasonable loss on the counter. However, if you need some amazing other games, you can try on daftar situs online judi terbaik 2021 that offers many benefits for players. 

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