Game of War Fire Age Review Which Easily to Play

In this article, we will explain the game of war fire age review. You gonna play the role of the emperor of the roman empire who is in charge of regulating the availability of natural resources (SDA) in your kingdom and regulating military power in your country. Natural resources in your kingdom consist of stone, wood, iron, rice, and you can increase your natural resource wealth by building related factories and of course you can upgrade these factories so that their productivity is even higher.

You can get natural resources in the second way, namely by plundering the natural resources of other player kingdoms or by taking wealth in mines on the world map.

The building of military power in this game is similar to similar simulation games. Where you have to build a barrack first, then from that barrack you can create troops that can be used to attack other kingdoms, protect your kingdom from enemy attacks, or take mining wealth on the world map.

In the game of war fire age review explain that the quite helpful things for players in this game is the very easy alliance search system and since the very beginning of the game you have been suggested by the system to look for alliances. The alliance members here are not only useful for helping you in war, but also for helping you speed up development, running alliance quests, sending natural resources,
important announcements, and chatting within the alliance. It can be said, this game developer is doing very well in implementing alliance features in this games.

The Excellent Featuren Game of War Fire Review


The excellent feature that this game emphasizes is its chat feature which includes automatic translation between languages. This feature is very helpful because my alliance is mostly German and I understand what they are talking to me because of this powerful feature.

Another interesting thing in game of war fire age review is that deserves special appreciation is the plot in this game. The flow in this game is relatively fast.

For the matter of gift bonuses, this online game is very generous. Every hour you will get a secret gift which contains random natural resources, speed boosters, coins, or IAP items. In addition, every day you will get the opportunity to do roulette which allows you to get large amounts of natural resources, which is quite interesting.

One thing that is annoying in this game is when you want to do multi-tasking. This game doesn’t seem to support good multi-tasking features. Gadget internet connection must use wi-fi at high speed so that it doesn’t reduce our comfort as players while playing.

The graphics used in the Game of War: Fire Age game are a bit outdated. This kind of graphics (see screenshots) have been in mobile gaming since 2009. Maybe the developer of this game thinks that the side that is emphasized in this game is the gameplay, not the graphics. Given the features available in this game are quite a lot and eat a lot of memory and battery life (my gadget battery runs out very quickly when playing this game). The graphic style used is similar to ancient Roman paintings, which looks a little stiff but artistic.

In this game of war fire age review, the user interface in this game is quite neat, the size of the letters and icons is well calculated so that it doesn’t interfere with our view while playing the game. I played this game using an iPhone, which in fact has a small screen, but there are absolutely no problems in terms of viewing comfort.

Weakness Game of War Fire Age Review

Bad news for Android users, because this game is only available on iOS. In the future, it is still unclear whether this game will be brought to Android because the information I get is really limited.

But for items such as reduced build time, VIP user members, or instant natural resources, etc. you have to buy on IAP. The cheapest IAP rate is 49 thousand rupiahs, where at this price you can become a VIP member for 3 days or get 1 million natural resources that you choose. The picture is up to level 15, the natural resources I need for development are around 10 thousand only. For resource IAPs, the price to pay is quite expensive but worth what you will get. But for IAP VIP members, to be honest, this is very torturous, especially not permanent. VIP members themselves here can make you faster in building factories and increase the productivity of the natural resources that you are producing.

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That is short explanation from game of war fire age review you should know before you download & play the game.

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