Aztec Gems Slot Demo

Search for Aztec gems in the Aztec Gems Slot Demo, a 3×3 game board with five paylines and a Win Multiplier reel. All symbols appear stacked, and winnings can increase up to 15x if you hit a decent multiplier on the fourth reel.

Travel back in time to the Aztec Empire and discover the golden treasure of that mighty warrior nation. Play this five-pay line slot game and win a fantastic maximum win: 375 times your stake!

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How To Play Aztec Gems Slot Demo

The workers of the Aztec Empire called macehualli created a video slot game for the nobles, known as a whistle so that they could have fun and multiply their earnings. The game is based on a classic and always successful mechanic, which includes a 3×3 game square, a great wild symbol, and a special winning multiplier reel.

Pili are generous guys who wanted to give you a chance to enjoy this game too. So pack your bags and head to the Aztec kingdom with this amazing gaming experience – doesn’t it sound cool?

Aztec Gems Slot Demo Gameplay

Aztec Gems Slot Demo
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Aztec Gems is a three-reel, three-row slot that can pay 375x your stake. This amazing game has five paylines and a special multiplier reel to help you increase your winnings to new heights. The Aztecs are ready to share their most precious treasures with you!

Aztecs set the game’s volatility to a medium level, with an RTP of 96.53%. The value of each symbol was carefully analyzed, and the final result is as follows:

  • Red triangular jewel in golden frame – pays 4x your bet for a combination of three symbols
  • Purple jewel in golden frame – pays 3x your bet for a combination of three symbols
  • Blue jewel in golden frame – pays 2.4x your bet for a combination of three symbols
  • Green Jewel in Gold Frame – Pays 2x your bet for a 3-symbol combo
  • Red square jewel in golden frame – pays 1.6x your bet for a combination of three symbols
  • Blue square jewel in a golden frame – pays 1x your bet for a combination of three symbols
  • Yellow jewel in the golden frame – pays 0.4x your bet for a combination of three symbols.

In addition to the basic paying symbols, the Aztecs also created a powerful wild symbol that resembles the most important god of their people. The symbol is made of gold and has a turquoise crown that matches perfectly with the earrings and necklace. How stylish! The Wild symbol pays five times your bet for a combination of three symbols, and it also substitutes for all other symbols.

How to Win Aztec Gems Slot Demo

Aztec Gems’ main feature leading to big wins is the fourth reel, which gives a multiplier to all wins.

The fourth reel is perhaps the most important because it only shows the winning odds. One of the multipliers is randomly selected at the end of each spin. The selected multiplier applies to all winning combinations in that round. There are six different winning multipliers: 1x, 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x, and 15x. If the Aztec gods are on your side, they can help you grab that 15x multiplier!


In the background of the game, there is a lush jungle that serves as the home of the Aztecs. You will see tropical vegetation and two waterfalls that create a calm and serene impression. The reels are made of gold and feature mystical Aztec patterns. Fireflies flutter on both sides of the game screen, bringing a magical atmosphere to the game.

In the background, you can hear the music of the native tribe playing on a wooden flute. Perhaps the Aztecs have organized an ancient ritual to call you big wins!

Summary of Aztec Gems Slot Demo

The most notable feature of the Aztec Gems Slot is the Win Multiplier reel, which is your secret to finding the great Aztec treasure. Workers, nobles, and even the gods are all on your side, wishing you big wins.

Your journey is coming to an end, but don’t worry – the Aztecs will welcome you back. Head to your favorit casino website and play the Aztec Gems slot demo anytime.

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