Voodoo Magic Slot Review RTP 96.50% (Pragmatic Play)

You must be wondering about the Voodoo Magic slot review. Few religions are more fascinating to study than voodoo, in terms of overall intrigue. 

This game once again demonstrates how it came to be well recognized around the world, while not exactly being the kind of thing that most people would want to actually follow. We’ll grant it that it’s difficult to ignore, and this Pragmatic Play slot machine is attempting to show that it provides for enjoyable amusement.

A Brief of Voodoo Magic Slot Review

There are 40 active win lines and 5 reels with 4 symbols each on Voodoo Magic slot review. Even if the volatility is higher than average, the winnings are not very high, just up to 1,000 times the stake. 

Additionally, they preserved the RTP at a fairly robust 96.50%, which attracted gamers. The main elements of the slot machine are scatter symbols, a number of modifiers, and free spins with guaranteed payouts.

1. Wagering Option

You can adjust your bet on the slot machine while keeping all of the lines open, and the range is $0.20 to $100. By altering both the quantity and value of coins, this is accomplished.

You can win as much as 12.50 times your line bet or 500 times your total bet per spin when the game’s wild symbol forms winning combinations. Actually, you could get up to 1,000 times more, but we think that already includes the free spins.

Despite the game’s high volatility, you’ll probably agree that it’s still worth playing given the Return to Player is 96.50%.

2. Game Features

Since the game’s own victories are the finest that the slot machine can provide, stacked Wilds will be in use, and the game can greatly benefit from them. For a combination made solely with wilds, up to 12.50x the wager is paid.

When compared to other brand-new online slots, this one’s scatter symbol is a lot more interesting to find. Even two of these symbols will be helpful in this game, unlike other games where you frequently require at least three to succeed.

When you land scatters on the second and third reels, the game will provide you with one of two spin modifiers. One gives you additional wilds and is titled Mystery Curse. The other is Fortune Hex, which eliminates Royals and scatters from the playing field, leaving only premium symbols.

You receive 5 free spins if all three scatter symbols are in view on reels 2-4. You receive one of three variations of the feature in this mode, coupled with mystery symbols that will change into one particular type of symbol:

  • Mega Voodoo: It’s guaranteed to return at least 50 times your initial investment.
  • Super Voodoo: winnings of at least 25 times the bet are assured.
  • Voodoo: The payout will be at least 10 times the bet.

You get extra spins up until that point if you don’t get the guaranteed minimum.

3. Design and Theme

A rather popular religion that began in Africa and migrated to North, Central, and South America as a result of the slave trade is a source of inspiration for voodoo magic. 

It appears to be a game that is all about black magic, as you might anticipate. A priestess is standing next to a cauldron that is heating up a green material. Her expression is similar to what you may see in a witch game.

On the reels, there is a second priestess as well as images of crocodiles and various animal skulls. Positions with lower value receive the predicted Royals.

Our Thoughts

In conclusion of 777Hoki Voodoo Magic slot review, this game looks intriguing, the subject is one that people are interested in learning more about, and online games typically have fun themes. It has a lot of features and an excellent return to player percentage, but its highest payouts are a little on the low side.

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