Space Stacks Slot Demo Review: Play, RTP, Free Spins & Bonuses

By filling up 10 columns, players in Space Stacks slot demo have the possibility to earn up to 5000 times their initial wager. This medium volatility slot offers a fantastic gaming experience with a prize wheel, pick-a-prize bonus, and many more fantastic bonus features. 

With Space Stacks, Push Gaming offers players a whole unique slots gaming experience. The game mixes aspects of scratch cards, slots, and table games to give you the chance to win rewards worth up to 5000 times your initial investment.

Theme And Graphics In Space Stacks Slot Demo

Space Stacks Slot Demo

Push Gaming’s Space Stacks slot demo has a colorful interstellar theme. While the base game is fairly basic, the design really starts to shine in the bonus rounds. Push Gaming always performs a fantastic job making interesting animations that are fluid and of the highest caliber.

The bonus games definitely have an arcade game vibe to them. When the additional features are activated, it significantly improves the gameplay and maintains your interest.

Space Stacks RTP And Variance

Space Stacks is a popular slot machine from Push Gaming that offers players a unique space-themed experience. With its medium variance, players can expect a decent balance between the frequency and size of payouts. However, it’s important to note that the payout percentage, or RTP (Return to Player), can vary depending on the country you’re playing from.

In some regions, such as the United Kingdom, the RTP is typically set at 96.23%, which is considered a relatively high payout rate for online slots. This means that on average, players can expect to receive £96.23 in winnings for every £100 wagered. However, it’s important to remember that this is just an average and individual results can vary greatly.

How To Win

You’ll note that Space Stacks has a pretty unique format when you first open it. A grid of 10×10 pixels is displayed over the betting selections. Chips that range in value from.01 coins to 100 coins can be placed on various tiles that symbolize the various tiles. It resembles roulette in this way.

To put a bet, you place your chips on the various tiles. On as many tiles as you like, you may wager.

When you click the spin button at the bottom of the screen, the round starts. To start, a random multiplier is selected, raising the value of any column that is based on numbers.

Symbols will then gradually drop into each of the columns over a number of spins. You will get the prize designated to that column if it is filled to the brim. One of the bonus rounds will be triggered if you completely fill the seventh, eighth, or ninth columns. You can win up to 5000 times if the MAX column is full.

Multiple prizes can be won at once, and these blocks can yield a maximum prize of 5000x. Make sure to play on the pagcor online slot site and get 100 cashback slots according to the available offers.

Free Spins And Bonuses

In the Space Stacks slot demo, there are three bonus games available. These are activated, as we previously stated, if you are able to land 10 symbols in the columns to the right.

  • Astro Feature: Multiple prizes can be won in a prize wheel bonus.
  • Flip Feature: This pick-a-prize feature gives you three chances to select blocks that will reveal prizes that range in value from 2x to 100x.
  • Similar to the base game, filling out each column will result in a prize in the apex feature. Additionally, you have multiple lives.

Space Stacks Slot Review

We adore how Push Gaming consistently pushes the limits of slot machine gameplay, and Space Stacks slot demo  is no exception. Slot mechanics are truly reinvented in this game, and it wouldn’t surprise us if other game designers tried to implement similar elements after it.

We wholeheartedly urge you to try out Space Stacks. You should try out this cutting-edge game because it has some pretty interesting elements, even though it could take some time to fully grasp what’s going on.

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