Sinbad Slot Review: RTP 97.06% (Quickspin)

Are you looking for the Sinbad slot review? In this brand-new Quickspin slot, Sinbad the Sailor’s exploits are highlighted. This game will have excellent graphics and a vast range of features, which we will go over in more detail below. 

It shouldn’t be the kind of game where you become tired of it too quickly because there is a lot going on and much to get enthusiastic about.

A Brief of Sinbad Slot Review

Sinbad Slot Review

You can explore a broad variety of potential features on the Sinbad slot machine, including free spins, random stacked reels, Roc Bonus, the Ape Bonus, and Snake Bonus. It is anticipated to have an RTP of 97.06%. 

There are 40 active lines on the game’s 5 reels, which feature 3-4-4-4-3 symbols. Although it gives a medium rating, it won’t have much volatility, and we needed more than 748 times the stake (top prize).

1. Wagering Options

As many active lines on its reels as there are coins in the bets, Sinbad possesses. With 40 coins, each worth between $0.01 and $2, you can spend anywhere from $0.40 and $80 per round.

This game has a medium level of volatility and a potential payout of up to 748 times the initial bet. The prize isn’t much, but the risk isn’t much higher either.

For Sinbad, the RTP is calculated at 97.06%, which is a fantastic result. The standard game makes the largest contribution (70.69%), but the free spins, which make up the remaining 26.36%, are equally significant.

2. Game Features

One of the things you’ll notice is that the game may occasionally stack specific symbols. Each time a spin is made, this can happen to one or more different kinds of symbols.

There are instances when a wild symbol appears on any of the five reels. It has three payout options: direct payout, 12.5x the wager for a full combo, or replacement. In either case, having it handy is a good idea.

There are three various ways to earn the free spins, and each one uses a different Sinbad adventure as the basis for its narrative. You can choose the kind of experience you like because the volatility varies for each feature at the same time:

  • Ape Bonus: If the ape appears, the game area will now contain at least one additional Wild symbol. It will linger around and be beneficial for the remainder of the feature. This is the option with a high volatility/high reward.
  • Roc Bonus: Roc will gather any diamond-studded symbols that fall and turn them into wildcards. Additional rounds are included in the total if you get enough diamonds.
  • A snake will appear on the reels and leave behind wild symbols as it crawls over the symbols in the Snake Bonus feature. This choice has the lowest level of volatility.

3. Design and Theme

The primary character of Sinbad, which features an adventure-themed plot, is taken from a well-known Arabian tale. In addition to being on the reels of this game, Sinbad has already been the theme of films and animated series. 

We think the design is good, we appreciate the way the story was handled, and there are contemporary graphics and authentic Arabic-style decorations everywhere you look.

Images of the Golden Ship (scatter), wild symbols, wild symbols, Sinbad, a woman, two additional characters, and five vibrant gems will be employed as the lower paying symbols in this case. The chance to win is in agen judi slot online.

Final Words

In the end of Sinbad slot review, it is not the type of online slot machine that will make players wealthy; the payouts are too low for that. However, the extremely high RTP is something to be admired, and I’m confident that the casual crowd will like it.

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