3 Best Things in Sic Bo Casino Game Strategy 2021

Sic Bo is a three-dice Chinese casino game that originated in China. Learn everything there is to know how to improve your odds of winning with Sic Bo Casino game strategy.

Sic Bo is a dice game that originated from China. Immigrants brought the early twentieth century to America, and it spread throughout the world from there.

It made its way to the Netherlands in the 1990s, where you could play Sic Bo for years in almost every location at Casinos in some countries.

The Rules in Sic Bo Game 

Sic Bo Casino game strategy

Sic Bo is a game that is played on a large gaming table.

These tables have a large insert area, which is usually made of translucent material with light underneath. There’s also a large transparent bell jar with three dice inside. A croupier stands behind it.

With this casino game, the croupier has a limited role. Electronic shuffling of the dice is almost always used. Sic Bo does not resemble craps or Barbut in this regard, as the players do not roll the dice themselves.

Therefore, despite your best efforts, you will not be able to win Sic Bo by strategically manipulating the dice.

The Betting Options 

A large betting platform is available for players to place their wagers on. At Sic Bo, there’s a lot to bet on: how many eyes do the stones add up after shaking? Is that a high or low number? After the roll, how many dice show a ‘3’?. 

It is slightly decorated with Chinese characters in some casinos but the principle remains the same.

1. Small and Big Bets

The Small and Big bets are the most fundamental to understand.

When you bet on any dice sum between (and including) 4 and 10, it is known as a small bet.

When the total is between (and including) 11 and 17, the Big Bet is made.

They usually pay one to one and have the smallest house advantage. As a result, these are the best odds in a Sic Bo game.

However, you’ll notice that the numbers 3 and 18 are missing. That’s because any triple sum (three dice with the same numbers, such as 1-1-1, 6-6-6) causes you to lose when you bet Small or Big.

As a result, these bets aren’t exactly 50/50, but they do have a 48.61 percent chance of winning.

2. Other Bets 

You don’t want to bet on specific dice numbers or combinations? You can always place a bet on a specific amount. It can be any number between 4 and 17 (inclusive).

Different sums, on the other hand, have a different number of winning possibilities.

For example, 1-1-2, 1-2-1, and 2-1-1 it can be said for 17. As a result, these amounts have the highest payouts as well as the highest house edge.

Sic Bo Casino Game Strategy

In terms of payout percentage, not all betting options are equal. The table below gives an overview of the house edge in Sic Bo per bet.

As you can see, the Big, Small, and Two Dice bets have the best house edge: 2.8 percent. This is comparable to the 2.7 percent house edge in roulette.

You are a thief of your own wallet with the other bets. The Triple is the lowest bet, in which you bet on a specific three of a kind, such as 6-6-6. When you win, you get 180 times your bet, but the odds are only 1 in 216. As a result, the house has a 16.2 percent advantage. Yikes.

Moreover, when it comes to Sic Bo, the best advice is to stick to the Big, Small, and Two Dice bets. Then you will have the best opportunity for winning the game. Where you play gambling at Pkv Games in order to get big results.

You have found out Sic Bo Casino game strategy in this article. Now you can try it to get a lucky chance for winning lots of money.

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