Night Roller Slot Demo: Features, Number of Reels & Paylines

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Even while playing board games might not be associated with extravagant nights out, it is exactly what Night Roller Slot Demo creators Red Tiger and partner company R7 wanted to achieve. Players walk across a board, triggering different features or prizes as they go.

This game successfully combines slots with Las Vegas and plenty of dice rolling (though not of the Craps sort). The ultimate objective is to reach the Spin-Out game, where each spin ensures a different modifier.

The Bellagio fountains on the left and Paris Las Vegas on the right can be seen in the background of Night Roller Slot Demo, which was shot from a drone’s perspective. Red Tiger gives off the impression that it took more than just adding an image of one of the biggest party cities on earth to create an interesting game.

did in an effort to make up for Night Roller’s lack of thrills. 30 fixed paylines are arranged in a 5-reel, 5-row grid in the center of the screen. The Feature Board surrounds the grid and, when the dice begins to roll, awards additional payouts or features by moving a piggy bank icon across it. Night Roller Slot Demo does its part to continue the heritage of these garish, naked wealth-themed slots even though it is all touch tacky and flamboyant.

The first game is Bets, where stakes can be adjusted from 10 cents to £10 per spin on any device, including a desktop computer and a smartphone. Regarding the remaining statistics, Night Roller is not quite as opulent as the concept would imply. Starting off, the default RTP is a respectable 95.68%.

While volatility is rated high, potential is considered decent at 5,824 times the stake. It may seem OK at first to add modifiers to every spin while they are active, but be prepared for a lot of dead spins because that is apparently how Red Tiger has made up for it.

The fact that symbols land stacked, which means they can obstruct one another on the antiquated 30-payline win system, is one potential explanation for why wins weren’t particularly frequent (despite the high hit rate). A win must consist of at least three identical symbols that appear from left to right starting on the first reel.

Apart from the low-paying spades, the heart, clubs, and diamonds are all symbols of prosperity. We receive wallets, piles of cash, bags of cash, rings, and gems as high-paying symbols. Players win 0.9 to 2.5 times their wager for hitting 5 premium symbols across the reels. The Life is Golden feature, which is discussed below, is the only time the wild symbol is present.

Night Roller Slot Demo

A board game wouldn’t be complete without dice, which appear at random on the reels. The piggy bank character wanders around the Feature Board, framing the reels, and the dice symbol is rolled when it lands. The modifiers are held in place if the piggy bank lands on one of them until it moves to a different modifier. The board’s squares indicate who wins:

  • Landing on the WILD position increases the number of random wild symbols added to each spin.
  • Multipliers: to enhance the value of each win, land on an x2, x3, or x5 multiplier.
  • Multipliers: Choose a multiplier of x2, x3, or x5 to increase the value of each win.
  • Coin It: Coin positions produce a single random instant prize win that can be between 0.1 and 3 times the wager.

On the Feature Board, 10 free spins are awarded for landing on the Spin-Out square. Every time a spin is made during free spins, a die is rolled, collecting any modifiers that it lands on. This indicates that more than one feature may be engaged; all of these features continue to be active throughout the free spins, and any multipliers received are added together.

A further +5 free spins are added when you land on the Spin-Out square. Dice symbols do not show on the reels during Spin Out since the dice automatically roll after every spin.

Night Roller Slot Demo: Conclusion

Overall, despite its jerky gameplay, Night Roller Slot Demo is a passable slot that easily fits into the genre of “ostentatious display of wealth.” The Feature Board, which performs to an adequate level but lacks the sophistication of games like Prison Escape, Racetrack Riches, or even the branded slot Jumani, is what sets Night Roller apart from other titles in this category. The more subdued tone of Night Roller contrasts with its Las Vegas location.

In Night Roller, there are a number of intriguing events taking place. Alternating characteristics add a random aspect to the game while keeping you guessing. But after a time, Night Roller makes you feel like you’re trapped in an unbranded, low-budget version of Monopoly. That might make it appropriate for board game enthusiasts, but for others, it can get a little boring.

Additionally, the unusual layout of the paylines and reels makes it difficult to string together matching symbols, leading to large portions of dead spins and decreasing the impact of any active modifiers. Free spins boost the ante, but low symbol values interfere and limit their effectiveness.

When Night Roller is broken down mathematically, the results aren’t exactly uplifting. For instance, the highest full screen win is 75x for five stacks of diamonds, or 375x when combined with an x5 Feature Board multiplier.

Although the stated potential of 5,824 times the bet isn’t too bad, it’s a bit of a long order when you consider the available resources. It’s unlikely that Night Roller Slot Demo will be the wild night out it attempts to represent unless you’re extremely enthused by these slot/board game crossovers.

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