Mermaid Reef Slot Demo: Features, Number of Reels & Paylines

Mermaid Reef Slot Demo. The great nation of Australia is blessed with both rocky coasts and slot developers, if there are any two blessings. One of the natural wonders of the world, the Great Barrier Reef, is located off the coast of Queensland. sharks, fish, and thousands of kilometers of coral.

The monster took thousands of years to develop, but in a few decades, humanity will have completely destroyed it. Ah, development. In any case, the topic of our review is the Australian game developer ReelPlay’s Mermaid Reef, which successfully captures the wonder of the undersea realm.

Mermaid Reef Slot Demo is quite normal because we’re used to seeing ReelPlay play with Infinity Reels, Megaways, or combining them both. It is, however, a unique first in the world. Mermaid Reef appears to be the first slot machine to provide a bonus purchase option and a gamble feature. It can be a good fit for players who enjoy testing their luck during a session.

A game that appears to be unrevolutionary has some fairly revolutionary dynamics attached to it. The 5-reel, 10-payline grid of Mermaid Reef Slot Demo is found on the ocean floor, surrounded by sea life that resembles something from a vintage animated cartoon. The soundtrack is still excellent despite not truly amplifying. It’s the kind of Brain Eno composition you would play in the morning to help you recover from a wild night out.

On any device, players can choose wagers ranging from 10 cents to £/€150 per spin to use the dual gamble feature/bonus purchase option. If you enjoy big numbers, the remainder of the statistics are not very interesting to read; at the very least, the potential is not great.

The remainder aren’t too bad, for instance, the RTP increases to 96.06% when the bonus is purchased from an average 95.92% RTP. Considering that this particular feature occurs naturally every 208 spins, it’s also not a bad idea. The math model concludes with a medium-high volatility, which feels severe in comparison to the rest of the situation.

The massive number of reels or pay-ways we are used to seeing from these guys are a far cry from Mermaid Reef Slot Demo. The eight pay symbols listed in the paytable also contain few surprises. The remainder include jellyfish, starfish, clownfish, and dolphins, of which half are 9-A royals. For wins of 30 to 100 times your bet, hit a line of five premiums.

The wild mermaid symbol, which is kind of adorable in an Ariel-style way, is the last one before rising for a breath of fresh air. On reels 2-4, it can be seen completely or partially in 1×3 size. Except for the Pearl and Clam, all symbols are replaced by the wild.

Mermaid Reef Slot Demo – Features

Two distinct bonus games and a few extra features are there to keep players entertained while they’re in the deep. The first feature is free spins, which can be activated by 3, 4, or 5 pearls and grant 10, 15, or 20 free spins, respectively. All win values are doubled during a free spin as opposed to a standard spin. Free spins can be retriggered since pearls stay on the reels. Theoretically, players can anticipate getting this bonus about once every 205 spins.

The Pearl bonus is the next, which is activated when three clam symbols are shown at once. Players choose and click on one of the 15 closed clams that are displayed to them at a time. There are 1 to 3 black pearls, 1 gold pearl, and the rest are white in any bonus round.

Now, white pearls indicate a win of 1–10 times the wager, black pearls, 2–25 times, and gold pearls, 50–1000 times the wager. Picking a black pearl stops the feature, or the player additionally receives the remaining black pearls if all the white + gold pearls are chosen.

The Pearl Bonus feature buy is a part of the game’s default installation. Players in specific spots can purchase it instead of waiting for clam symbols to trigger it. If three clams land on the next spin, the cost is 55 times the bet. The gamble option is the last.

This is typical fare that is made available to players following a win so they can collect or gamble. If you correctly estimate the suit of a card that has been turned over, you will win 4 times as much money as if you incorrectly guessed the suit. Up to the indicated wager limit or five times the winnings may be wagered.

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Mermaid Reef Slot Demo – Conclusion

Although Mermaid Reef claims to be the first slot machine with a bonus feature and a gamble feature combined, the combination doesn’t feel very game-changing. Mermaid Reef may intrigue gamers who like to gamble aggressively, but the remainder of the slot keeps it from being a really intense machine.

It is hampered by numerous factors. The basic gameplay and limited potential setting are the first; this is not Infinity Reels, and not much happens in the base game. The straightforward gameplay has the drawback of becoming drowsy when combined with the mellow soundtrack and meager prizes.

The meager payouts—the highest you can expect in the main game is 342.5x, and in free spins, 700x the bet—don’t help. The Pearl Bonus, where wins of up to 1,295 times the stake are conceivable, gives things a tiny boost. Okay, so you can purchase your way to the greatest parts, but not everyone will enjoy paying for this kind of bonus game.

Mermaid Reef Slot Demo as a whole seems a little out of place for ReelPlay. They’ve been pushing the slot boundaries hard lately, so it was unexpected to see such a subdued release. There isn’t much of a reason to play Mermaid Reef unless you like the notion of purchasing a pick-and-click feature.