Review Hotline Slot: 3 Explanations of The Jackpot Bonus

Hotline slot is a unique game from Netent because you can choose how many chances you have at big prizes. It is an exciting online slot from the popular brand Netent.

The special thing about Hotline is, you can decide for yourself the chances that you want to have on expanding jokers and free re-spins. Very interesting, right?. 

Best Review Hotline Slot

1. How Does The Hotline Work?

Hotline has 5 reels and 30 paylines that you all play by default. The minimum bet is $0.15 per spin. The theme of the slot is similar to the American TV series Miami Vice which was popular in the eighties. 

The rousing eighties soundtrack, complete with a fat keyboard and a ditto screeching saxophone, fits the slot perfectly. Netent could have had a slightly longer piece of music composed, but that is a detail.

The symbols are also completely in style, such as two detectives who look strikingly like Miami Vice heroes Rico Tubbs and Sonny Crockett.

Before you start playing, you need to choose which lines will become your ‘hotlines’: the top, middle and bottom horizontal row. You activate the lines with the yellow buttons on the left.

If you get a Wild symbol (a Ferrari) on a hotline while playing, the symbol expands over the entire reel. Then, you get a free re-spin while the Wilds remain.

If another Ferrari lands on a hotline during the re-spin, this joker also folds out and you get another re-spin.

This rule is extremely similar to the expanding stars of the popular Starburst slot.

Of course, an extra hotline costs extra effort. Two Hotlines means a double bet, three Hotlines a triple bet. However, you have a much greater chance of unfolding jokers and therefore of big prizes.

2. The Payout Percentage

The payout percentage ( return to player, RTP) of the slot also improves as you play with more hotlines.

  • 1 hotline: RTP is 96.13%
  • 2 hotlines: RTP is 96.70%
  • 3 hotlines: RTP is 97.04%

In addition to the Ferrari, the main symbol on the reels is a scatter symbol. Moreover, this symbol largely consists of the word: Scatter.

If you land 3 scatters, you get 7 free spins. Also during the free spins, all Wilds that you spin expand over the entire reel, provided they land on a hotline.

Wait, that’s not all because the jokers remain for the rest of the free spins, so sticky wilds. This way you can turn your whole screen full of jokers!. 

3. The 1000 Spins on Hotline

We had played 1000 spins on Hotline with three active hotlines, in order to maximize the chance of winning a big prize. With the minimum bet, that works out to $0.45 per spin.

The importance of the hotlines soon becomes apparent. Without expanding Wilds, the prizes that fall are quite minimal. $4.90 is the highest win that falls without an unfolding joker. 

That’s not even 11 times the stake. However, if a joker falls on a hotline, it is usually a party.

In total, we get an unfolding joker on a hotline 76 times. This yields an average of $3.15, but there are very big outliers of $21.85 and $55, among others. Whoops!.

Those prices all fall on the screen at a rapid pace and that makes Hotline extremely exciting. Spin after spin it’s fun.

The free spins start seven times and that always guarantees an adrenaline shot. On average, we win $26.10 with the free spins, but it can be much higher. The absolute winner during this test session: $90.25.

The interesting thing is that Hotline can’t really give extreme prizes: up to 400x your base bet when you get a field full of jokers. 

However, the chances of taking prizes of 100x your stake and more are relatively high. A special slot machine, that Hotline! Ultimately, after more than an hour and a half of play, $35.67 profit is on the counter.

In the end, The Hotline slot lives up to its name. The game is unnervingly exciting, especially if you’ve activated all three hotlines. 

You won’t win life changing jackpots, but you do have a much better chance of winning qq big prizes (over 100x your bet) than on many other Netent slots.

Source: Slot88

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