Elysium VIP Slot Machine: A Classic Slot [The default RTP  95.81%]

Elysium VIP slot machine is an online video slot from Elysium Studios. In this classic themed slot, the action takes place on a 3 reel, 3 row grid with 3 active paylines. The default RTP of Elysium VIP is estimated at 95.81% and its maximum payout is 500x the stake. 

To play it, you must deposit an amount between 0.20 and 40 euros on each round of the game. The Elysium VIP slot has only one feature which is the Respins function. The latter will be accompanied by a very lucrative Wild symbol.

Design & Theme In Elysium VIP Slot Machine

The design of the Elysium VIP slot machine is based on the classic theme and features a fruit slot type game. As an old school slot, there is not much to detail. The graphics are rather modern contrary to what one could imagine and the design is also very correct.

Its playing is simple and easy to understand which is a good thing while the soundtrack is represented by generic music that you will probably get tired of very quickly. If this happens, do not hesitate to deactivate the sound by taking a look in the settings of this slot machine.

The backdrop depicts a giant drawing that seems to have come straight out of the imagination of comic strip writers, which is what probably brings modernity to the visual aspect of the game. at the top of the reels while the parameters are sometimes on the upper right corner and on the lower right corner of the screen.

In Game Symbols

The payment symbols offered by the Elysium VIP paytable consist mainly of classic symbols. On the one hand, there are the low value symbols which are represented by the cards including blue clubs, green hearts, purple diamonds and spades. High value symbols are represented by red 7s, cherries and golden bells.

Category Symbols 

Regardless of their category, these symbols all pay for a combination of three or more matching symbols. There is only one special symbol which is actually the Wild symbol. It is represented by the diamond and can replace all other payout symbols in the game. On top of that, it is the highest paying symbol which means that most of your winnings will come from it.

Land Respin spins and load up on Wild during those spins to increase your winnings

As mentioned above, the Elysium VIP slot machine has a maximum win of 500x the bet and only offers one feature. This is the Respins feature which will come with a lucrative Wild symbol.

The Wild Symbol

As you may have seen above, this symbol is represented by diamonds. When two of them are collected on adjacent reels, the playing area expands by adding an additional reel. In total, it is up to 5 additional lines that you can obtain, but with always 3 lines.

The Respins Feature

When this feature is activated, you obviously get spins as a reward for continuing to play. During these spins, you must make the effort to land more Wilds symbols to increase your winnings.


The Elysium VIP slot machine’s design is based on a vintage motif and includes a fruit slot game. There isn’t much detail because this slot is outdated. Contrary to what one might think, the graphics are quite contemporary, and the design is likewise flawless.

Its gameplay is straightforward and simple to comprehend, which is a plus, but the soundtrack is made up of generic music that you will likely become weary of pretty quickly. If this occurs, don’t be afraid to turn off the sound by checking the slot machine’s settings. Try on Mantap303 Gacor site.

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