Dueling Jokers Dream Drop Slot: A Highly Volatile Online Slot with a 50,000x Payout Potential

Dueling Jokers Dream Drop slot is an online slot game developed by Four Leaf Gaming, offering various exciting features including cascading wins, Wilds, Free Spins bonus, and a special Joker meter. The game is highly volatile, however, its RTP is only 94%. The top prize in the game is 50,000 times your stake, but the maximum win is capped at 10 times the bet.

There are so many features in this casino extravaganza that it’s hard to keep count, and each one is accompanied by mesmerizing effects and the potential for payouts of up to 50,000 times your bet!

Theme And Graphics In Dueling Jokers Dream Drop Slot

Dueling Jokers Dream Drop slot
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The Dueling Jokers Dream Drop online slot is situated in an ill-defined period and place that mimics disco clubs from the 1970s, just like other online games with a Joker theme. Players are taken to another realm with neon lighting, vintage cherry slot signs, and lively disco music where big rewards are waiting.

Despite being a relatively new brand, Four Leaf Gaming manages to execute the game in a manner reminiscent of classic gaming artists. The 8×8 grid is visually stunning, although some may argue that the symbols could be slightly larger to accommodate players who enjoy the game on their phones. While the soundtrack may seem generic, it perfectly complements the game’s overall theme.

RTP and Variance for Dueling Jokers Dream Drop Slot

With an RTP of only 94%, Dueling Jokers Dream Drop’s payout rate is lower than what we typically expect from online slots, which may make it too challenging for some players. The game is highly volatile, meaning that many spins may not result in a win. However, once a payout is triggered, it is likely to be substantial, with the maximum payout in the game being a staggering 50,000 times the bet.

How To Play

This is how you play the Dueling Jokers Dream Drop slot game if you want to try and win the game.

  • The reels will spin once you press the Spin button.
  • To make symbols descend more quickly, click the Turbo button.
  • Select auto-gaming for a more laid-back session:
    • You can turn on an infinite number of auto-spins or 5, 10, 25, 50, or 100.
    • Decide on the loss cap.
    • Define the single-wing cap.
    • Set the overall win cap.
  • To see the paytable, click the Menu button.

Free Spins And Bonuses

There are more features in Dueling Jokers Dream Drop slot than you can count. The Wild Joker Meter, Dream Drop Jackpot Spin, and Bonus Booster are additional features you can enjoy in addition to standard ones like cascades and free spins bonuses. Hold on, we have more to do. Additionally, there are Super Spinner, Nitro Spins, Fortune Maker, and Bonus Replay. Phew!

Free Spins Bonus

To win 6 Dueling Jokers Dream Drop slot free spins and 3 Joker Wilds in random locations, you must see 3 Scatters. Joker Wilds come standard with an x1 multiplier. After hitting the 10th, 12th, and 13th winning clusters during the session, you’ll be able to win two more free spins.

In order to make things even more exciting, the game also has the following three amazing features:

  • Bonus Booster: Bet all or a portion of the free spins to win one, two, or three additional spins. You can win a total of 25 spins in this manner.
  • Another gambling game is Fortune Maker. By getting the ball to land in the proper spot, Fortune Maker forces you to climb the Prize Ladder. 12 of the 16 rings on the board are winning ones, but the other four won’t do you any good. If you get the losing ring, you lose everything and must restart the base game. The top award is 1,800 times the investment.
  • Once you win a certain amount, the Bonus Replay feature starts. You can risk your gains in an effort to restart the entire game. To see if you’re fortunate enough to experience the Dueling Jokers Dream Drop bonus game once more, spin the wheel.

Dream Drop Jackpot

The term “jackpot” is not just another trendy term in Dueling Jokers Dream Drop, nor do you need to hit a cluster. Any random spin could give you the opportunity to win a sizable payout. The jackpot spin will be a pleasant surprise from the game, and if you manage to line up four Dream Drop Jokers, the Dream Drop Bonus will be activated!

The Dueling Jokers Dream Drop grid is divided into 5 sections for this bonus round: Rapid, Mini, Maxi, Major, and Mega, each of which corresponds to a different jackpot payout. For the Rapid, Mini, Maxi, Major, and Mega jackpots, the seeds are set at €1, €5, €100, €25,000, and €500,000, respectively.

Wild Joker Meter

The small meter adjacent to the grid will fill up each time you land on a winning cluster. Filling the meter increases the number of Wild Jokers on the board, raising your likelihood of winning.

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Four Leaf Gaming is a brand-new iGaming studio, and Dueling Jokers Dream Drop slot is only its second title. It seems that the creative team decided to attack the market with all guns blazing, as this online slot has more features than you would think possible. Well, almost.

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