The World Is Interested In The 21 Year Old Danish Soccer Player

Danish Soccer Player – 21 year old Danish international striker Henrik Mortensen is in his thirties and already he is one of the most in-demand players in world soccer betting.

He recently signed a contract with Aarhus Sweden in Denmark League and this put his hand among the big talents Danish sport has produced, including Mortensen himself.

Mortensen was born on 26th July, 1982 in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. His father had an ordinary job in a food processing plant, pay persixty percent of its income to the highest taxed income.

Between the age of 14 and 16, when he was feeling very much in demand, he dropped out of school and began playing poker with a friend. But, he was more in to the betting game than the game of judi bola.

He became a lot of money in his sports betting activities and at the age of 21, after working seventy hours a week, he quit his job to take up a new job.

He had a lot of offers for studying jobs, but he knew that a masters’ degree in statistics would be highly sought after even without football talent. He was able to earn enough money from that and other businesses to set up his career.

Danish Soccer Player: Talented Danish Player

Danish Soccer Player

Still, he did not have the best of expectations. In the beginning, it was a bit difficult for him to adjust to the life of a professional gambler.

He had a hard time adjusting to life in luxurious estate as the new rich people, who play and have wealth, are not inclined to buy homes and live in expensive hotels. He spent a lot of time on his preparations.

He would start the day at seven am and by eleven, had not finished alogic of what to do with his life. He was used to being on the hustle, ready torun after any opportunity to maximize his potential earnings. He was Conditions WANTED!

Throughout his learning curve, he was in contact with a lot of talented and established Denmark players. From the contacts, he had heard about the biggest betting event in Denmark, which is the EURO-7 tournament.

The tournament is done in seven countries and is financed by the national lottery. The main competition is handled by the powerful company, Akergruppen, that is a sister company of Akerlofots A/S.

His first prize was EUR300,000, which matched his previous win of EUR120,000. On the famous day of May 21, 2006, during the tournament, Mortensen committed one of the largest soccer bets in the history of the sport world.

He placed his bet on a match betweenIFA and Denmark. The odds were fixed that day and predicted by an independent bookmaker. But, according to Mortensen, the day was his, despite the huge odds that he had placed his bet on.

Those huge odds allowed Mortensen to become the first person, to have won the biggest soccer bet in EUROUS history. In the coming years, his winnings in soccer betting were astonishing. In 02/09/2010, Mortensen will be awarded the largest prize in the history of the EPT Tour.

Moneymaker will also receive the Pay Per Click television marketing award in the category of best marketing strategy for a digital bookmaker.

This award is for having the largest custom organic search engine traffic. Using the strategies of “lay betting” and “betting against the outcome”, Mortensen has become one of the major success of the online betting business. His last name was announced as Jetsons, valued at eleven million Euros. / Aha

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