Cubee Slot Review: Bet and Features (RTG)

Are you looking for the Cubee slot review? When it comes to slot machines, 99% of what you’ll find in online casinos will be the same, with the exception of different graphics and math models. 

This game, a Real Time Gaming slot, is one of the 1% of games that make you think about things differently. This slot, which has orbital reels and the possibility to pay out a lot of money, could be one of those intriguing titles that you just have to try out.

Summary of Cubee Slot Review

You won’t find any normal reels or lines in Cubee. On a system with orbital reels, you create combinations of 3 to 8 matching symbols, therefore all wins are dependent on scatters. 

The developer claims that winnings of up to 50,000x the line bet are possible. The slot features levels for your main character, who will battle monsters for prizes, as well as free games with multipliers to be won.

1. Betting and Prizes

Because there are no lines to transfer individual coins to, the wager is set up for the entire playing area, which is the logical decision. The wager you choose must be within the $1 to $20 range provided to you.

With the proper symbols forming an 8-symbol combination and multipliers to apply to wins, the game has the potential to award you up to 50,000x your line wager. Because it’s a game with medium to high volatility, don’t expect significant wins on a regular basis; it could take a long time.

2. Game Feature

When you press Spin, the game will activate the Time Travel Portal and give your character eight floating goes to combat, as well as weapons and energy balls. 

Cubee, the character you control, is capable of fighting foes who are equal to or weaker than him. You begin with a strength of 1, allowing you to overcome only the most susceptible opponents.

Cubee’s power will be increased by the presence of energy balls in the game area, allowing him to destroy even the most powerful enemies if he gains enough levels. If weapons exist, Cubee’s health will be lowered, and he will finally be defeated, signaling the start of a new age.

While in the Piracy Era, you can earn free spins, while in the Viking Era, you can collect multipliers. Once he arrives in Cubeland, he can start playing the free spins using the multiplier he has accumulated up to that moment. 

Because the weapon icons have been removed from the reels, the chances of forming winning combos have improved.

3. Theme and Design

It has a childlike design and general appearance, yet it suffices for the objectives of this game. Cubee is the primary character, and he faces four different types of enemies, ranging from the level 1 green monster to the yellow level 2, blue level 3, and red level 4. 

Among the 8 symbols that are shown at the same moment, energy balls and weaponry may occur.

Our Conclusion

In conclusion of Cubee slot review, the game isn’t your typical Real Time Gaming slot machine; it’s jam-packed with innovative features and lucrative prizes. This provides players plenty of reasons to want to give it a shot or try Slot Olympus.

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