Avatars Gateway Guardians Review: RTP 96.30% (Yggdrasil)

Are you looking for the Avatars Gateway Guardians review? This game is a brand-new Yggdrasil Gaming release, the type of slot machine that immediately impresses, and not just because of its graphics this time. 

They went with a three-reel setup, but in a circular format, where you spin the spokes of a wheel and get combinations when they line up. It’s unusual, but not entirely unheard of, and it makes for a fascinating game session.

Summary of Avatars Gateway Guardians Review

If you look at the types of setups available in that wheel, you have 3×6 reels all the way up to 3×8 reels. You form combinations using 6 active lines that pay out generously, with top payouts in this game reaching a maximum of 2,525x total stake. 

When you factor in the 96.30% RTP, we think you’ll agree that the game is looking good so far. Hot Spots, Free Spins, and Multiplier Wheels are just a few of the game’s major features.

1. Wagering Options

The slot will require ten coins in exchange for access to the equivalent of six paylines. The coin value is chosen by you from a drop-down menu in the bottom left corner. It has a range of $0.01 to $20, so the total amount wagered per spin is between $0.10 and $200.

When it comes to prizes, the slot’s Multiplier Wheel, which multiplies wins, will now come in handy. At the most, you could receive a reward of 2,525x total stake, which is a nice sum that could be turned into a payout of more than $500,000 in this case.

Although we don’t think High Volatility is ideal, we do find a good RTP of 96.30% here. It should provide a good return for most players, but there’s no way of knowing how things will turn out for you.

2. Slot Features

You’ll be playing on a wheel, which you’ll spin, as you can see. Each of the three inner spokes has symbols that must be aligned with positions that are similarly colored. This results in three-symbol winning combinations.

Hot Spots are designated areas of the wheel that will be highlighted. When a full symbol appears in a Hot Spot, the game activates the Multiplier Wheel in that location. 

This multiplier continues to rise as the game adds the Wheel’s result to it. The feature ends when you get a payout symbol on the Multiplier Wheel, or when you reach the maximum multiplier of 101x. The multiplier is applied, and you are compensated.

Free Spins are the other option, which is triggered by three icons appearing at the same time. You only need them strewn about, with no requirement that the icons line up. The number of triggering symbols that appear in Hot Spots determines how many free spins you get, with up to 8 being possible.

3. Theme and Design

It seems to have a fantasy theme, though science fiction isn’t far behind. It has a modern, even futuristic look to it, with high-quality graphics everywhere you look. 

The slot’s game area is centered on a large Wheel, while the background depicts an almost alien landscape. Avatars: Gateway Guardians uses a variety of colors and combos of masks, icons, and faces among its symbols.

Final Words

In the end of Avatars Gateway Guardians review, that is a game worth anticipating, and it’s hard not to when you can get up to 101x multipliers, as well as unique gameplay and stunning graphics, play this game at coloksgp slot site.

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