Arthur’s Fortune: An Epic Medieval Gold Hunting Slot By Yggdrasil!

Read this Arthur’s Fortune slot review if you want to learn more about how to win big in this game!

Yggdrasil Gaming has developed another great slot, which doesn’t surprise us at all, as this Swedish provider usually doesn’t miss a beat. The game is set in medieval times in the British Isles, where you go hunting for gold with the brave knights of King Arthur.

Yggdrasil offers optimal gameplay and sober graphics. The minimum bet is € 0.04 per spin, while the maximum is € 100. The maximum payout is 10,856.5 times the stake! 

Arthur’s Fortune Slot Machine Gameplay

The slot is surrounded by a lovely medieval environment, which, if possible, adds to the game’s simplicity. The judi slot online jackpot terbesar is available for play on the PC as well as on Android and iOS mobile devices.

Before you can commence gold hunting, you must first choose your stake (from 0.04 to 100 €). The automated play tool is accessible and highly handy, especially considering the payout frequency of 22.17 per cent, which can lead to long periods without making winning combinations. A hefty RTP and free spins, which are activated after 130 rounds, complement the extreme volatility.

Arthur’s Fortune Slot Machine Features and Free Spins

The overall layout of this slot is typical with 20 paylines, five reels and free spins. However, there are some very interesting features introduced by Yggdrasil and many bonuses.

The “Transformation into Wild” function can be triggered at any time during the game, which can cause up to 10 wild symbols to appear in that particular spin. When activated, a wheel starts spinning over the reels and any symbol can be turned into a wild.

It is during free spins that wild card transformations gain the most value, as they are triggered by wild / scatter symbols. Combining three, four or five scatters anywhere in the slot will award free spins and start the transformation to wild. Five scatters award 14 free spins and three wild symbols.

Another very generous bonus symbol is the Merlin Orb, which appears randomly during the game or in the free spins level. Just one of these symbols is enough to make a big win. If it appears during the free spins, it can win you a cash prize equal to 50 times your stake, as well as a host of other prizes.

Arthur’s Fortune Slot Machine Maximum Payout, RTP and Volatility

Arthur’s Fortune slot features high volatility, which can lengthen the intervals between wins. On the other hand, however, when you make a win this will be very large. The default maximum payout is 10,856.5 times the stake, for a maximum monetary value of € 1,085,650. The payout frequency is 22.23%, while the maximum RTP is 96.2%.

Arthur’s Fortune Slot Machine Conclusion and Similar Slots

Yggdrasil has created another great game, perfect for those who love the adventures of knights and kings of the Middle Ages. The design of the slot is also very respectable, not disfiguring at all in the presence of more popular games.

Arthur’s Fortune slot machine combines high volatility and big payouts, which are an almost irresistible lure for slot players.

This is a really well-done job by Yggdrasil, similar to that of other slot machines such as Royal Family, also inspired by the same theme.

All in all, thank you for taking your chance to embark on this adventure of reading Arthur’s Fortune slot review. Good luck and play responsibly!

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